1. I found myself going through one of the roughest patches of my life recently. In an effort to get it all back together, I’m turning to yoga again. It’s like an old friend that’s always there for me when times get tough and I don’t think I can take anymore; a little time together, and things are more in perspective. Wow, that was cheesetastic.

    I’m glad that I did make a little collection of videos here that I can turn to in a pinch, and as I have time I’ll be adding more. I started my day with this sun salutation series. Except I did 9 because I hate even numbers but whatever, still counts!

  2. Your blog is so perfect! Your linking to the yoga videos is so so helpful, thank you!

    I’m so glad someone else is benefiting from the videos! I’m going to keep trying to compile them so we have a nice little repository o choose from. Thanks for writing! <3

  3. Just aiming for a random video around 30 minutes as I get back into my daily practice. I chose this one mainly for the setting, how pretty! It won’t let me embed so follow the link below :)


  4. I’m baaaaaccckkkk! The ribs finally feel good enough to get back into my daily practice. I realized while I’ve been healing how much I NEED yoga, I’ve been going kinda crazy without it. 

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    I appreciate you and all of your life choices.

     Damn this is good


    This is fantastic!

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  6. Four straight days bedridden now, and I was expressly forbade yoga until I heal up. But I need it and am missing it terribly! I’m going to keep collecting videos and inspiration here though so I can get right back into it once the pain is gone!

  7. So apparently, I pushed myself a *tad* hard, and have sustained an incredibly painful rib injury! Boo, hiss! I am doing small yoga in 15 min spurts as my pain allows, and trying to rest. I missed my two hour hiking goal as well, which I am super bummed about.

    But the good news is that between the Ibuprofen, the ice, and the heat, I am healing quickly! I hope to take a week off and get right back into it. I lost TEN POUNDS the first couple weeks, guys! Ten pounds! Go look at that much meat in the store. I am so proud of my work, even though I have to take some time off, and I can’t wait to go back at it.

    Namaste my Tumblr loves. You are all such an inspiration. 

  8. whyimdoingit:
My motivation! Maui and morning beach yoga, here I come!


    My motivation! Maui and morning beach yoga, here I come!

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